A truly Immersive, heavy RP hookah lounge

La Vipère

Care for something a little bit different? La Vipère offers a luxurious den for those who wish to indulge in a little escapism. You will not find courtesans or private bookings here but you will find engaging company and indulgent intoxications in an upscale atmosphere.Come experience it for yourself...| Second & fourth Thursdays of the month | 9PM-1AM EST |
| Crystal Data Center | Malboro Empyreum Ward 25 Plot 60 | 21+ only |


About La Vipère

Care for something a little bit different? La Vipère offers a luxurious den for those who wish to indulge in a little escapism. You will not find courtesans or private bookings here but you will find engaging company and indulgent intoxications in an upscale atmosphere.What: La Vipère - A heavy RP upscale hookah lounge
Where: Crystal Data Center | Malboro | Empyreum | Ward 25 | Plot 60
When: Second & Fourth Thursdays 9PM - 1AM ESTc
LGBT+ friendly | 21+ IC and OOC


Is La Vipère a brothel venue?
No. We don’t have private bookings of any kind. The hosts we have are solely for SFW RP in the common areas of the venue.
Does La Vipère have a VIP program?
We do, see more here
Is La Vipère a formal venue? Is there a dress code?
It is meant to have an upscale feel but there is no official dress code for guests! Just be fully dressed!
Is La Vipère a crime theme venue?La Vipère is not criminally aligned but we are also not anti-criminal. Meaning that the owner and management will most likely look the other way if criminal activity is discussed within the venue. Some criminal activity happening within the venue such as drug deals would obviously be fine considering we serve drugs here. Other criminal activities would be on a case by case basis. Overall, if something is disruptive to the event and venue itself or is harmful to staff or other guests, it would not be allowed. If that's something you have OOC consent to RP with someone and you wish to do so at La Vipère, please take that to tells or party chat or elsewhere to help us keep our event running smoothly and to ensure comfort of everyone else present.Do I have to join the FC to work as staff at La Vipère?
Nope! You only have to be in our Discord server and our CWLS.


Ives Mirier

Ives Mirier
Owner & Purveyor of Intoxicants
Age: 29
Gender/Pronouns: Male (gender non-conforming) - He/Him
Sexuality: Gay
Bio: Sharlayan born and raised, Ives spent his time in the Studium studying many things, but his primary focus was alchemy and continues to be a passion of his. Upon leaving Sharlayan and finding himself in Ishgard, he has since been using his knowledge to create unique recreational substances with a luxurious, indulgent feel. His aim is always to create an unforgettable experience.Often referred to by those closest to him as a viper, Ives is clever, sly, and capricious. Yet, he has found himself to be adored by many. Rumors and assumptions are often made, many untrue or twisted. But one thing is for certain, this enigmatic dandy is ambitious and capable enough to get what he wants and see his visions through to the end.


Vallerin Cieloux

Vallerin de Cieloux
Age: Rude to ask
Gender/Pronouns: Male - He/Him
Sexuality: Gay
Bio: How Ives and Vallerin came to be acquainted is something of a mystery that neither of them seem to wish to fully disclose. But for Vallerin himself, it came as quite a fortuitous opportunity as he wished to make for himself a place in Ishgardian society after being "away for some time", as he puts it.Charismatic, lively and bold, Vallerin makes for quite a captivating host. Though those glowing red eyes and fangs are a bit strange...


Zamis Dhoro

Name: Zamis Dhoro
Age: ?????
Gender/Pronouns: Male - He/Him
Sexuality: Pansexual (Preference for Masc-Presenting characters)
Bio: On the surface, Zamis is a happy guy who loves making jokes, especially when it has to do with his lack of sight. How does he bartend as well as he does with that eye cover on? Well, that would be a good conversation starter! He's happy to strike up talk about a wide range of subjects, from the complexities of politics and science to what the best fruit is (strawberries, obviously.) He loves his job as a bartender and a manager, and is always looking forward to hearing the stories of passing strangers.Though, you'll find he doesn't delve too deep into himself if asked. Very few know who he really is, always vague and avoidant if someone tries to breach the surface. But, as he's said- "Most usually have something good to say, at least. And those that don't probably have a good reason."


Émile Clovis Jean d’Aristide

Name: Émile Clovis Jean d’Aristide
Age: 37
Gender/Pronouns: Cis male - He/Him
Sexuality: Gay
Bio: Émile is the third son of an Ishgardian noble family known for his frivolity and loose sense of morality. Often found in the chambers of other nobles who may or may not be married he has lived his life fast and loose from a young age.
Indulgent, charming, and spoiled, Émile is used to getting what he wants with little effort. Due in no short part to his high charisma, which lends itself to making him an attentive and entertaining host.


Arafel de Courcelle

Name: Arafel de Courcelle
Age: Looks mid-20s
Gender/Pronouns: Male - He/Him
Sexuality: Pansexual (personality matters more than anything else) / Polyamorous / homoromantic
Bio: A gentleman of the night. Elegant, cool, and dangerous, Arafel is an ishgardian nobleman with a dark flair. He is found in no current lineage books of the nobility and will wave off talk of anything deeply personal. However, he is more than interested in your story, willing to strike up conversation and engage others with personable charm and skill. Just beware that his sharp edge goes beyond the wit of his tongue.



Name: Ghost
Age: Adult. (looks 30-ish years old.)
Gender/Pronouns: Fluid - He/Him
Sexuality: Yes. Pansexual; Panromantic; Polyamorous-ex.
Bio: Ghost is a curious individual and finds other people fascinating. He’s out to experience as much from life as he can in any way he can. Just mind his sticky fingers, might not be just your gil he walks away with.


Iphert Dragagont

Name: Iphert Dragagont
Age: 33
Gender/Pronouns: Non-Binary (he/they)
Sexuality: Gay
Bio: Born in Ishgard and raised in Gridania, Iphert is an aspiring landscape artist seeking to progress his career in the fine arts.
He enjoys cooking, painting, reading, travelling, and mixology.
Outgoing, friendly, and unafraid to make the first move; he makes for an engaging and pleasant host to spend one's evening alongside.


Nirli Ryuntharn

Name: Nirli Ryuntharn
Age: "Is just a number darling, know I am older than your grandfather.."
Gender/Pronouns: Male - He/Him
Sexuality: Bisexual; Heavily Male Leaned, Sapiosexual towards women
Bio: Don't let the grey highlights fool you, The Good Doctor is still quite young in how long lived his race tends to be, but good luck getting the exact age out of his lips. Mismatched eyes of lavender and magenta swirl with something hinting behind the charming curve and smile on his lips like a mask that never seems to move. Long metal claws adorn his hands most nights the only thing that hints at his profession though one may hear him speaking of his patients that keep him having long hours in his clinic. If one can peel away the layers to his words and how he keeps flow in a conversation they get to know about his true profession. The Good Doctor is always looking for more clients. Pay no mind to the small white rabbit usually seen hanging about his feet or on his shoulder.


Ilthus Dawnsinger

Name: Ilthus Dawnsinger
Age: 26
Gender/Pronouns: Male - He/Him
Sexuality: Bisexual
Bio: Don't come to Ilthus if you're looking for refined politesse or courtly intrigue. You can take the cat off the streets but you can't take the streets from the cat. If you're into teasing banter, rakish charm, a bit of cat and mouse and never having to wonder if your conversational partner is flirting with you (he definitely is, always) then this might just be the Seeker you're seeking. Easy to lure in but near impossible to pin down. He loves a good chase, regardless of which end of it he's on, but he does tend to get bored if his prey is too easily caught.


Atticus Oisin

Name: Atticus Oisin
Age: Very, very old
Gender/Pronouns: Male - He/Him
Sexuality: Pansexual
Bio: Appearing as an Elezen of high regard, he is merely a man from the deepest parts of the Shroud. Proficient in the likes of alchemy and manipulation of aether, he is a being of powerful skills and words as healing or poisonous as his potions. Willing to talk and accompany guests of all kinds, only few will get to know what he truly might be under the fancy façade he puts up. Try if you like...don't be disappointed if he has you running in circles. Like a rat in a maze that will never end.



Name: Re'em
Age: 33
Gender/Pronouns: He/Him
Sexuality: Gay
Bio: He won't tell you much but tiny snippets of a life outside La Vipère can be found when you chat with the man; Ishgardian, church going, disdain of nobility, highly educated. So what is there to know about Re'em? A kind elezen man who listens well and speaks softly but firmly. He enjoys literature, history, more than one glass of wine, and has an intimate knowledge of scripture. A strange fondness for unicorns.


Fane Gray

Name: Fane Gray
Age: 26 and holding
Gender/Pronouns: Male , He/him
Sexuality: Firmly homosexual
Bio: Fane is gregarious and flirty, seemingly happy to chat with just about anyone. Quick to pull out the pet names and free with affectionate touches, by the end of a conversation one might be left feeling like they'd known him all their life. He's happy to talk about most subjects and surprisingly astute for someone so off-handedly flighty. He's tiny, but at less than five fulms he's ponze for ponze as much sass as someone twice his height. His fragility is painted over with kohl, sparkly jewelry, and a healthy dose of denial.


Satzwyda 'Willow' Rymmtrachwyn

Name: Satzwyda 'Willow' Rymmtrachwyn
Age: 23
Gender/Pronouns: Female - She/Her
Sexuality: Sapiosexual - masculine lean
Bio: Mortician by day and Photographer by night. She is both shy and very cheerful once one gets to know her.


Soka Arashi

Name: Soka Arashi
Age: 41
Gender/Pronouns: Male, He/Him
Sexuality: Pan with a masculine lean
Bio: Musician and performer. Half dragon, half Raen. A walking taser. Cheerful in personality and extremely friendly. There is a flirtatious air that radiates from the ever smiling man. He enjoys meeting new people. Need a drinking buddy or someone to have a smoke with? Soka is your man for the task, ever willing to take care of his guests in anything they may need.


Valenra R’sovo

Name: Valenra R’sovo
Age: 23
Gender/Pronouns: Bigender, they/them, she/her accepted
Sexuality: Straight
Bio: You’ll find Val is not your average viera- getting to know her is a privilege most don’t get- so don’t take it for granted now~


Joachim Chatelfort

Name: Joachim Chatelfort
Age: 270
Gender/Pronouns: Male, He/Him, they/them
Sexuality: Ace
Bio: A half Viera, half Elezen man, taking more of the Viera features. Born 3/4 vampire and 1/4 siren, Joachim learns quickly at an early age that his 'song' can animate the dead. He is a curious man, innocent at heart. A skeleton cat by the name of Mr. Jitters usually accompanies him. Very rarely do his feet ever touch the ground, as he glides along, hovering just a few ilms from the ground.


Maximilian Finch

Name: Maximilian Finch
Age: Appears to be in her mid 20s
Gender/Pronouns: Female (She/her)
Sexuality: Pansexual, demiromantic
Bio: Jeweler, former performer, and self-proclaimed magpie, Finch adores the nightlife and all that it has to offer. Once part of a traveling group of performers known as Monarch, a peculiar incident forced the troupe to scatter. But Finch seems unable or unwilling to entirely let go of the lifestyle she once had, always ready with a tale or two from the past and an eagerness to get to know fellow lovers of the night.


Sascha Roulemet (The Wyrm)

Name: Sascha Roulemet (The Wyrm)
Age: 35
Gender/Pronouns: Regular Dude
Sexuality: Yes
Bio: Tall, dark, and dumb as hell. Sascha is a bastard from the Brume, and has been through more than he will ever discuss. He had been a Temple Knight but was stripped of his title and discharged very suddenly. He tells everyone who asks a different story as to why.


Collinoix "Robin" Robineaux

Name: Collinoix "Robin" Robineaux
Age: 42
Gender/Pronouns: Male
Sexuality: Yes
Bio: Accountant for La Vipere, Robin works hard to keep the spreadsheets neat and error free. There was this one time on an expense report he found a place where someone had put two commas instead of just one, that was a trip. It had been a lot of work to go back through the receipts for the whiskey, and the receipts for the gin, and the receipts for the champagne....
Anyway the commas weren't even related to the receipts because nobody uses commas on receipts those are all periods and then somehow his abacus was missing a bead so he had to go all the way down to the basement to see if there were more beads somewhere there was a lot of dust and...


Morghain Bellegarde

Name: Morghain Bellegarde
Age: 205
Gender/Pronouns: Nonbinary (they/he)
Sexuality: Bisexual
Bio: Beside the entry for "Melancholy" in the Encyclopedia Eorzea, you will find a picture of Mor. As a purveyor of morose expressions and a perpetual aura of gloom, Mor is, tragically, a sad little guy. An oneiromancer by trade, Mor make a living offering divination services in the form of dream readings. Mor is no stranger to prophetic visions, and scrying meaning from nightmares is his specialty (especially in the case of curses or hauntings). Beyond Mor's dream witchery and an easily-flustered façade, a darker shade of magic lurks beneath the surface. Look close enough and you might just find out.


Ambrose Delaroux

Name: Ambrose Delaroux
Age: Of the “Don’t ask, don’t tell variety”
Gender/Pronouns: Male, he/him
Sexuality: Pan, with a slight masc lean
Bio: Ostensibly Ambrose is an Archon and a professor that adores speaking at length about his love of botany and all the fun little ways flora can be used in alchemy and pharmacology and perhaps even other means. With silver at his temples, and the fine lines that crinkle the corners of his eyes when his lopsided and boyish smile appears, he gives the impression of one past the age of boyish mischief. Yet despite his impeccable manners, there is a teasing demeanor to Ambrose that makes an appearance now and again. On the surface, that is. Little is known of his past or his personal life beyond his job, though he enjoys a good conversation and seems to thoroughly enjoy his new found love of serving up the delights to be found for guests at La Vipère.


Monet Manet

Name: Monet Manet
Age: 30s
Gender/Pronouns: Female, She/Her
Sexuality: Of no import.
Bio: The silvery-haired woman behind the bar has an intricately-crafted pocket watch attached to her waistcoat. Its filigreed face only makes an appearance when counting down drops of ice-cold water onto a melting sugar cube, or to check the turning of an ember for a pipe. A soft ticking keeps time beneath her even-tempo speech; Monet knows its mechanism better than she knows her own meticulously beating heart.


Damien Velenoso

Name: Damien Velenoso
Age: Older than you, certainly
Gender/Pronouns: Male, He/Him
Sexuality: Homosexual
Bio: At the very first glance, one would easily notice that Damien isn't quite like other people. He sports horns, but isn't an Au Ra. He has pointed ears, but isn't an Elezen either. Skin as red as cherries, eyes pools of gold swirling in deepest black that seem to stare straight through the soul and an endlessly flirtatious, alluring aura about him, just what is this enigmatic creature? Ask, and Damien will gladly tell--though, only if you're willing to tell him things in turn. A story for a story, tale for a tale, all things must be given in equal measure to this denizen of the darkness. If you're daring enough, however, you may just find yourself in for an experience like no other.


Théo Devereaux

Name: Théo Devereaux
Age: It's not polite to ask
Gender/Pronouns: Any
Sexuality: Pan, with a masc lean
Bio: With a sly smile and cold eyes, Théo is a mercurial Duskwight that comes AND goes as he pleases. While there isn't much known of the man that hails from Ishgard and has seemingly bottomless pockets, he is often seen with a rather large Wildwood in tow; he is nonetheless a decadent man that seeks the finer things in life. In turn he applies this to each drink he pours, or hookah he assembles. Whether it's simple conversation or providing quality service, Théo is sure to delight and surprise.

Shot Roulette Effects

Roll a simple /random 20, and a number will be generated in your chatbox. Look below for the effects that correspond to your fateful number. Have fun with it! Get creative!1. Float - You suddenly feel as if you are floating. In fact, you are sure that you are!
2. Dance - You suddenly have the urge to dance!
3. Truth Serum - For the rest of the night, you say all your unfiltered thoughts.
4. Wallflower - As you look around throughout the evening, you notice someone sitting by themselves. Suddenly, you have an urge to approach and draw them into conversation or into your group for the evening.
5. Tingle - As the shot works its way through your system, you feel a tingling effect throughout your body.
6. Adventure - You have an overwhelming urge to try something new! A new drink, a new experience, anything!
7. Heat - That shot felt hot in your throat going down. It is now difficult to speak! Perhaps you should get something else to drink to cool down.
8. Flirty - You are feeling extra flirty suddenly.
9. Relax - You find this drink very soothing. So relaxing that you feel the urge to just sit down, take in the atmosphere and stay awhile.
10. Hallucinate - You start to see things that are not there!
11. Confidence - You feel like you could do anything! Your inhibitions are gone and you could do anything you set your mind to!
12. Love Potion - For the next hour, you think that you are in love with the next person that you see!
13. Connections - The next person you see is suddenly extremely interesting to you. You want to know everything about them and ask them all sorts of questions.
14. Sing - For the next hour, you sing everything you say.
15. Vision - You have a vision of your future. Perhaps it is true, perhaps not.
16. Immune - Nothing happens.
17. Delicious - A delicious swirl of sweet and sour dances along your tongue. So delicious that you want to try another!
18. Double - Roll twice and take both effects!
19. Energy Boost - You feel a sudden rush of energy!
20. Vibrant - Everything looks and sounds much more vibrant! Colors and sounds more rich than before!


Heavy RP - As this is a heavy RP venue, we ask that you remain in character in public channels as much as possible. If OOC communication is needed, please try to do so in tells or party chat, if able.Age - All staff and patrons must be 21+ both IC and OOC. Anyone who breaks this rule will be banned from the Discord and venue itself.Respect - Don’t be a jerk. Treat those around you with respect. Slurs, hate speech, racism, sexism or drama of any kind will not be tolerated. If you don't like someone, block them! Respect the staff both IC and OOC.LGBT+ - We are a LGBT+ friendly venue. No homophobia, biphobia, or transphobia will be tolerated. This includes the use of transphobic language such as f-ta, tr-p, ect.Adult Content - This is meant to be a high-class venue. As such, please keep vulgar language (swearing and innuendos are fine) out of public channels in game. In Discord, please keep any NSFW content in the appropriately marked NSFW channels. NSFW content involving underage characters, Lalafell or non-consenting situations is not allowed. Nor is beastiality content (hrothgar is okay).ERP - ERP is not allowed at this venue. If your RP is becoming risqué, please take it elsewhere, in a private space.Drama - While we love our IC drama here, let’s please keep it IC. If an issue does bleed into OOC, please try to resolve it in DMs with the parties involved before bringing it to management/staff.

VIP Offerings

Would you like to delve a bit deeper into the depths of what La Vipère can offer you? Enjoy something a little more exclusive and have a chance to learn the secrets of those around you.We offer three ways to enjoy our VIP benefits!You may earn VIP rewards by:
- Discord boost
- 200k per month
- 5 million one time payment
Interested in signing up as VIP?
Simply speak to Ives!

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VIP Discord chat channel
OC profiles channel
IC rumors channel
Private VIP lounge access
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